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Letters to the Editor – 5th Circuit Ruling, Student Debt, Immigration, Spiral Diner

Justice invites corruption

Re: “Court throws out bribery ruling – Money given to board members by developer a gratuity, judges say,” Wednesday’s news article.

When it overturned Ruel Hamilton’s conviction for bribing former Dallas City Council members Dwaine Caraway and Carolyn Davis, the 5th United States Circuit Court of Appeals set the bar so high for prosecutors that t is almost impossible to convict elected officials for lining their pockets. By awarding so-called gratuities to elected officials, the court has opened the door to rampant and shameless corruption at a time when 1. the richest 1% of Americans own a record one-third of the nation’s wealth ; 2. the Supreme Court prohibited any limit on the amount of such “tips”; and 3. approximately 50% of paid journalists have lost their jobs in the last 15 years.

Now more than ever, we need local media (like The Dallas Morning News) to sniff out the corruption that will follow this decision. We can’t wait for companies to find a way to “monetize” online news sources; we need to support local media by buying their product.

Paul Zoltan, Dallas/Little Forest Hills

Where is our refund?

Since your log is up to date on all things with this administration, could you please find the address to which we send our request for reimbursement for three student debts that we and our children have responsibly settled ? They (and we) all worked hard to pay what we felt we owed for the great education they received.

Now that President Joe Biden is forgiving up to $20,000 to individual borrowers and our taxes will cover that cost, I think we should get a refund of up to $20,000 for each of our students who paid off their debt. . To whom do we send the documentation, and thank you for the information.

Marianne PruittCarrollton

Loan debt on our back

Canceling President Joe Biden’s debt for those who incurred it puts it on the backs of every taxpayer. Why should I pay other people’s debts when I’ve paid every penny of my son’s school fees? I won less than $125,000.

It’s a horrible plan and makes no economic sense. It is wrong to impose this debt on everyone.

Nancy Hudnall, Flower Mound

Some work to pay the loans

My daughter taught school after her first baby was born. She placed her son in daycare so she could work and pay off her husband’s student loans. I wonder how she feels today.

Frank M. Wagnon, Southlake

The rain is bigger here too

I heard everything is bigger in Texas, so I looked up the rainfall records. Thrall is a town outside of Austin. In 1921 Thrall received 34 inches of rain in 18 hours. Yes, everything is bigger in Texas.

Catherine Taylor, North Dallas

Start Immigrant Legislation Now

Re: “Texas Dems, There’s A Border Crisis – And It Will Cost You At The Polls If You Continue To Fail To Recognize This Reality,” Aug. 21 editorial.

First of all, thank you for this excellent editorial on the border crisis. We Americans are capable of meeting challenges. In collaboration with other countries, we have created the James Webb telescope. It can operate millions of miles away and return spectacular images of galaxies.

However, as a country or Congress, we have not worked together to solve the migration challenge. Migrants need jobs. We need workers of all kinds. Poor people, especially in Central America and Venezuela, are desperate. They don’t want handouts. They want work. And live safe.

No country in the world has free and open borders. Why should we? What we don’t have is the will to solve the problem.

I’m an independent voter, but I think Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to bus migrants to various other cities is reasonable; If not, how can we get our elected representatives in Congress to finally admit and accept that we have a problem? Present at least a first bill; then start deliberations. But start. Now.

Ellen Taylor SeldinDallas

Improving school funding

The only education measure in which Texas ranks in the top 10 is in school shootings. Do better, Texas Education Agency. The system is broken because uneducated students become uneducated voters, and that’s what the political machine likes.

I remember a push around about third grade, when we were so focused on standardized testing, that was all we were doing, it seemed. “I need to know for the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills test, kids!”

What children don’t learn is critical thinking. Schools do not have the funds to properly educate the leaders of tomorrow. We have a lot of untapped talent in Texas, but it shouldn’t depend on property tax rates to identify it and we should make sure that children across the state have the same educational opportunities as children living in larger neighborhoods. rich. The state must improve its funding formula. Unless all of this is a grand excuse for the privatization of the Texas public education system.

We’re on a runaway train right now, but it’s not too late to start braking while there’s still time.

Ashley MitchellPlano

The closing of the Spiral Diner is sad

“Spiral Diner’s plate is full – Despite Oak Cliff’s closure, the vegan pioneer has created more restaurants,” the Friday Guide story tells.

Spiral Diner was always busy. It was often difficult to get a table at any time of the day. It’s disheartening that a thriving business, loved by the community, can’t stay open because its building is collapsing and its owners aren’t cooperating.

The restaurant is in a strange location off Zang Boulevard in a very run down part of Oak Cliff. It was on the verge of failure, with limited parking and a building that was in worse shape lately than ever before, but it somehow pulled it off over the years. The complete closure of the restaurant is a truly strange decision for the company, given the public support it enjoys.

Cayden O’Brien, Garland

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