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5 Qualities of the Perfect London Escort Author: 17 Sep , 2017

London. Home of the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Freddie Mercury, The Beatles and of course Her Majesty the Queen. One of the world’s most popular cities a center of influence in the whole of Europe. This city is a home of beautiful people and at night it become the home of the most beautiful escorts in the world. So what differs London’s Escort from the rest of the world? We have listed five of their best qualities.


London is a central hub for the whole United Kingdom and the whole of Europe. The races here have begun to intertwine as millennia has passed. People of different races have begun to marry each other and produce children with beautiful physical attributes. When these children grew up, they became the most beautiful women in the world. With the stroke of fate, they even chose to become escorts.

London’s escorts are an assortment of French, Greek, Croatian, and English ladies who have extremely beautiful features. Bright blue eyes that can warm up your life or piercing grey eyes that can see through your soul.


Breasts are man’s best friend. Or was it dogs? Nope, its breasts. And the bigger they are the better they feel. These British ladies, especially the escorts were given huge gifts from God to share to all mankind. Some escorts in the world are ranging from 34A to 34C, but these London Escorts feature breasts that reach the double D levels. Having a wide assortment of choices of big boobed London Escorts, it becomes a problem for all clients to take their picks because all of London’s Escorts do truly have ample breasts.


Do you need a partner that can hold their own in high class parties and galas? Well London Escorts are the perfect escorts for you. They can hold their own in any high class parties, ballroom galas and cocktail parties. When they work, they do it so well that they become the most beautiful women in the room. Still, after the night is over and everyone heads home, she can become a vixen just for you and will satisfy all your sexual desires. This quality is what separates the London Escort from the rest of the world’s escort. Their ability to shift from sophisticated to sexually wild is a quality unique to London Escorts.


Some escorts only invested in their bodies and in their abilities in bed. Sometimes, this becomes so dull because men are also interested in women who can hold a conversation which is intelligent and interesting. Dumb girls are never sexy and it can be a cause of a major turn off when the escort cannot engage in a simple conversation.

London Escorts on the other hand are good talkers and at the same time they listen and understand what the male client wants to talk about. They can hold their ground and can talk with good sense and intellect to any person. That is why London escorts are one of the best in the business because they are highly intelligent.


What is an escort if she cannot even perform well in the sack? Being good in the ways of love making is a basic requirement in the escort business and the escorts of London are masters when it comes to sex. They can perform sexual techniques that can blow the minds of any man.

London escorts do not just go at it the moment they come in contact with their clients. They tend to go with the flow and let the man deriver their pleasure by pleasuring the woman. They let the men caress their body until they are fully aroused and are ready to penetrate the woman. In a sense, London escorts have mastered a technique that indirectly manipulates the man’s sexual mind.

London Escorts can pleasure a man in many ways and not by just what is in between her legs. They use every part of their sexual physique to completely pleasure a man until they reach a climax that they have never felt before.

So the next time you visit London, you should try their escorts and it will be one heck of a great experience.


The girlfriend experience if for poor chaps who don’t have a girlfriend but want to have a girlfriend. However, some clients only avail the girl friend experience for the sexual perks that comes with it. Like those long deep French kisses, the bare back blow jobs, and such. To fully enjoy this service, the client must also need to play his part. He should also try to provide a boyfriend experience to the escort. This can sometimes result in good bonuses, if you know what I mean. So what are the things that men should do in order to play the part of the boyfriend in the girlfriend experience?


For some unknown and unexplained reason, every woman loves flowers. They will love it better if the flowers come with chocolates. Women believe that flowers reflect who they are so if you give them cheap flowers, they will also think that they are cheap. If you give them flowers that are beautiful and fragrant, they will also feel like they are beautiful and fragrant. So go ahead and get some flowers before your escort arrives or before you get to your escorts room. For sure, she will be surprised and will give you more than a girlfriend experience.


Candle light dinner with some red wine and expensive steaks, along with a violin player on the side. Just the two of you on a high end restaurant and making her feel that she is the most important person in the world. Bringing her to a romantic dinner date will usually let her reciprocate your actions in her own way and you will be surprised of what she will give you in return as her girlfriend for a couple of hours.


Before or even after the deed it is nice to give your escort a back rub. Tell her that it is part of your being her boyfriend in the girlfriend experience. She will surely love it as all girl do. Back rubs not only let her muscles relax, but it is an additional bonus for you to be able to caress her even more. When giving back rubs, start with her shoulders then slowly go down to her butt trying to give her the best massage you can give. Add a bit of naughtiness by either slowly touching the side of her breasts or caressing her hips and thighs. If all goes well, you should be ready for round 2.


Girls love to talk and men should learn to listen. So after you have finally spent all your energy with her, ask her for a cuddle and try to engage her in an intimate conversation. Just be careful not to touch on personal stuff, let her be the one to bring it out. Then just try to talk while giving calming thoughts and advices that can help her. This can usually soften her up and open more of her to you, sometimes she may open up on her personal life or sometime she would open her legs.


Her giving you bare back blowjobs is fun, but just for you. Sometimes it is much better if you pleasure each other at the same time. Going 69 is sometimes a great idea if you want to pleasure each other. Make her climax so hard that she will grant you anything you ask for.

So being the boyfriend in the girlfriend experience is already great, but you can make it a lot better by making some small gestures for her. Sometimes investing in small things usually reaps great results.

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